Diwali is called as festival of lights In India. It is the most famous festival that celebrated  by Hindu religion. In this festival all Nation lighted their house from candle and splitting lights. It is the big day for Hindu. the “festival of lights” is celebrated with much enthusiasm and zeal in all India.

It is the festival that regaurded to bring the supernatural joy and brightness in a person’s life with the hope of discovering light amidst darkness and to achieving happiness in place of ignorance and spreading of love amidst hatred and violence.
There is a story related to this festival. According to Hindu Mythology Diwali celebrates the homecoming of Lord Ram, who according to a legend came home to Ayodhya after defeating the evil Ravana and spending fourteen years in exile.

RAM was the big son of Dasrath and Kaushlaya. In this festival all peoples spread the sweets and play cards. Also it is the day of earning money because on this day mother LAKSHMI came and give peace and happiness.

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