Jaisalmer is a royal and traditional city of India. The festivals of Jaisalmer are full of colors and all festivals are celebrated by zeal and enthusiasm. Every city has its own unique tradition and culture and Jaisalmer is no exception. There are many fairs and festivals being held in the city and the most important and all festivals are celebrated with great pomp. There are many festivals of Jaisalmer but the most important festival is Desert festival.

Desert Festivals of Jaisalmer:

The desert festival is a unique festival and is celebrated in the month of February. It is a 3 day festival and gives a brief look into the culture and traditions of the city. Performers and dancers are a real treat to watch in the festival and other special attractions include puppet show, acrobat etc. and the musicians really leave an ever lasting impact on a person. Then there are various kinds of camel performances. The camel known as the ship of desert plays an important role in the event and is used in camel races and various other sports activities.

Teej is another important festival of the city and is mainly held for married women’s. It is an auspicious day for married women’s as they wear new colorful clothes and keep fast and pray for the long life of their husbands. Women apply Mehndi in hands and pray for safety of their husbands. Deepavali is also celebrated with zeal in the city. On this day presents are exchanged and crackers are burnt to celebrate the victory of good over evil.

Lord Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi are worshipped on this day and prayers and offerings are made to God. Another important festival of Jaisalmer is Holi and is well renowned as the festival of color. People play with colors and greet each other with love. Jaisalmer has a rich tradition of festival which really shows the culture and heritage of the city.

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