Jodhpur is one of the major cities of Rajasthan, where the festivals are celebrated in great style and spirit. The best time to go touring to Jodhpur is during the festive season, when the whole city is lit up and everyone is celebration and the whole city is transformed into a colourful place and celebrations taking place throughout the city.

Jodhpur has its list of famous festivals that are celebrated in the city with great passion and enthusiasm.

The famous festivals of Jodhpur are as follows:

  1. Folk festival: this festival is the festival of music, where there are talented and well acknowledged artists of folk genre and others coming in from different cities of India and performing for the audiences in the popular Mehrangarh fort. This festival is a five day jamboree and quite popular with the foreign tourists. This festival is usually celebrated in the month of October.
  2. Marwar festival: this festival is celebrated in the Mehrangarh Fort or the Umaid Bhawan Palace in memoriam of the Rajput warriors that lost their lives in the various wars that had taken place. This festival is a two day event and celebrated on a full moon. The evenings are more festive, with various artist performing battle scenes that relate to the bravery of the lost soldiers.
  3. Gangaur: this festival is one of the most popular festivals of Jodhpur which is very important for the married women. This festival is celebrated for 18 days in the month of March, where the women fast and worship Goddess Parvati to seek her blessings for a long life for their husbands. The women follow this festival strictly.
  4. Ganesh Chathurthi: Ganesh Chathurthi is usually celebrated in the months of September and October. It is a celebration to mark the birth of Lord Ganesh’s birthday. Lord Ganesh is the God of prosperity and people offer fruits, milk and other things to make the Lord Ganesh happy and bless them with a prosperous life.

So, when you really want to visit Jodhpur make sure that you make a plan during the festive season.

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