The rich culture of a land so bleak, the true colours of the people of Ladakh can be witnessed during the various festivals that are celebrated in Ladakh throughout the year. The Buddhist monks also actively take part in the lively celebrations of the festivals.

Most Famous Festivals of Ladakh :



Sindhu Darshan festival:This festival is structured under the management of Jammu and Kashmir and the main purpose of this festival is to promote the rich and beautiful customs of the people of Ladakh and the famous Ladakh handiwork.

This occasion takes place on the banks of the famous Sindhu River also known as the River Indus, which flows through different states, and is believed to be a symbol of oneness and communal concord. Sindhu Darshan is also celebrated to pay to the soldiers who died guarding the borders of India.

Hemis Festival: this is one of the most popular festivals of Ladakh. This festival is celebrated in the month of June, the birth day of the founder of tantric Buddhism in Tibet, Padmasambhava. This festival is a three day celebration where the monks perform dances wearing bright coloured brocade fabric robes and masks. This festival is of utmost religious importance and is celebrated after every 12 years.

Losar festival: this festival is celebrated in December-January and marks the New Year. This festival is a two week long celebration which is celebrated with great fervour. The celebrations include dance, performance of battle scenes etc.

Thiksey, Karsha and Spituk Gustor: this festival is organised at different monasteries namely Thiksey, Karsha and Spituk in different months of the year. During this festival the people can witness the vibrant culture of the people of Ladakh. This festival is celebrated to mark triumph over vice.

The end of this festival is by figurative elimination of evils.

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