Important places of pilgrimage in Buddhism are located in Northern part of India and Southern part of Nepal. This is the area where Gautam Buddha lived and taught his teachings to his disciples.

These places connected to his life are now important places of pilgrimage for both Buddhists and Hindus as well. Both came here on various festivals, even they made here various temples and places related to religious importance.

Four Main Buddhist Pilgrimage Destinations:

1. Bodhgaya
A place in India in Bihar where Prince Siddhartha, attained enlightenment under Bodhi (pepal) tree & became Buddha, the place is one of the four sacred place of India.

2. Lumbini
A place in Nepal where Lord Budha was born, it is also one of the four sacred places of Buddha religion.

3. Sarnath
A place in India in Uttar Pradesh where after enlightenment Lord Buddha preached his first teachings Buddha to his five followers& turned wheel of law.It is one of the four sacred place of Buddha dharma.

4. Kushinagar
A place in India in Uttar Pradesh, where Lord Buddha stayed last & entered into mahaparinirvana(death) and the place is included as one of the four sacred places of Buddha’s.

The Eight Great Places:
The first four of the Eight Great Places are mentioned earlier in the article, rest are

1. Sanksia
2. Shravasti
3. Rajgir
4. Vaishali

Some other pilgrimage places related to the life of Buddha are:Pataliputta,Nalanda, Vikramshila, Gaya, Kapilavastu etc.

Important Buddhist Monasteries, Temples and Monuments In India are :

1. Ajanta Ellora Cave
2. Hemis Monastery
3. Namgyal Monastery
4. Tawang Monastery
5. Dhankar Monastery
6. Maha Bodhi Temple
7. Bodhi Temple
8. (Kye) Ki Monastery
9. Rumtek Monastery
10. Tabo Monastery
11. Sanchi Stupa

Buddhist Fair & Festivals:
Hemis Festival is the most important festival.

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