Free Christian Wallpaper

The Christian desktop backgrounds and wallpapers picture are free for download and cover a variety of themes like the cross of Jesus Christ, God cheering and inspiring bible verses and scriptures, God beautiful nature and more. There is much Christian wallpaper available to download from various websites. Decorate your desktop with these free Christian wallpapers featuring moving Bible verses and pictures. There are many sites offering free Christian wallpapers and Christian backgrounds for your computer desktop.

 Christian Wallpaper

Christian Wallpaper

Top Free Christian backgrounds or Wallpaper:

You love Jesus and you love your computer also. The better way to bring the two together is with Christian background screen on your computer. Put your favorite Bible rhyme, photos or moving messages reminding you of God’s love on your computer screen. Here is a list of the top ten websites for finding free Christian backgrounds and wallpapers.

1.       Heart light

Heart light has several Christian backgrounds created by Phil Ware that he allows for free use on personal computers. You can even use the images in your church services for speech backgrounds, presentations and more. The Christian backgrounds are large size and all you need to do is right click, choose Save As, and put the picture on your desktop.  The images are 1024 x 768 pixels.

2.       Wallpaper 4 God

Wallpaper4 God website has some very nice Christian wallpaper there. Many picture resolutions are 1024 X 768. Click on the link to get the large sized image then right click, save and download to your computer.

3.        Jesus Christ wallpapers from 365
This site also has a large amount of Jesus Christ wallpaper and Christian backgrounds are well worth the visit. The images come with insert codes. You can then right click and download the image to your computer.

Christian Wallpaper

Christian Wallpaper

4.       C28 Christian Stores
C28 Christian stores have free Christian backgrounds that are stylish and well suitable for youth, young adults and those who are young at heart. There is a nice collection and these differ from the more common Christian backgrounds with nature scenes and Bible verses.

5.       Spirit Layouts

Spirit Layouts has some great free Christian backgrounds that may find the within design of the website. it takes too long to figure out where the pictures are located on the site. Spirit Layouts has 20 pages of Christian backgrounds.

6.       God is Groovy (Art is Power)

The site formerly known as “God is Groovy” and it is now called as Art is Power. God is Groovy continues to have some of the overwhelmed Christian backgrounds and wallpaper on the web. The images were created by Stacy Beatty and come with copyright information. Some of the Christian backgrounds can be used in other forms of media. The images are in zip format because they include the copyright information. They are virus free and of excellent design.

7.        Photos for Souls

Photos for Souls have are a nice group of beautiful, nature scenes with Scripture verses. This website has more then 15 Christian background wallpapers for your computer.

8.       Free Bible Verse Wallpaper

Free Bible Verse Wallpaper also has a small collection but the images are beautiful and contain Scripture verses. The images may be used on personal computers only.

9.       Turn Back to God

Turn Back to God has a large selection of wallpapers featuring Jesus that are perfect for displaying on your computer.

10.   Free Wallpaper Christian

Free Wallpaper Christian has free Bible based Christian photos from the Old Testament and the New Testament. It has a different feel to it as it has more than 125 pages of images.

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