free-clipart-ganesh1 smallGanesh Chaturthi Festival is a remarkable day as a birthday of lord Ganesha. The day is entirely dedicated to lord Ganesha. He is also known as an elephant deity because he has an elephants head. According to Hindu calendar, this occasion is celebrated in the month of Bhadrapada. Although it is celebrated in all over the country but mostly in Maharashtra, a vast celebration is held there.

Customs and Rituals of Ganpati Bappa :

Devotees established a clay idol of lord Ganesha in the houses, temples. The people of same society also make a temporary ‘mandap’ to establish lord Ganesha’s idol. Mandapas are beautifully decorated by the flowers, lights and spiritual images.

To established the idol of lord Ganesha the priest chants religious mantra. This tradition is called “Pranpratishtha”. Shhodashopchara tradition follows after the pranpratishtha ritual. In this tradition trefoil, red flowers, coconut and leaves of grasses are offered to the idol of lord Ganesha.

The idol is painted by the mixture of sandalwood and kumkum. During this festival Vedic mantras are chanted by the devotees. It is a ten days celebration which is starts from Bhadrapad shukla chaturthi.

After this long celebration, on the eleventh day of Bhadrapad month, ganapati yatra is carried out in the streets with dance and singing bhajans of lord Ganesha. At last lord Ganeshas idol is being immersed in a pond or sea. This tradition is called “Ganesh Visarjan”.

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