India is a diverse country and a land of festivals. Lord Ganesh, the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati, are worshipped before starting any new work. Lord Ganesh is considered to be the god of prosperity, wisdom and good fortune. Ganesh Chaturthi is an important Hindu festival and is the birthday of Lord Ganesh.

Ganesh Chaturthi Utsav:

On the day of the festival idols of Lord Ganesh are placed in homes and rituals to please the lord is performed. It is an eleven day festival and on the last day the idols of Ganesh are immersed in river or a sea.

The festival of Lord Ganesh is very famous all over the country but it is celebrated in a special way in the state of Maharashtra. In Mumbai the preparation for the festival begins even 1 month before the festival and is celebrated on a large scale. The festival begins by placing idol of Lord Ganesh and then special rituals like ‘pranapratishhtha’ and mantras are performed by priests.

The idols are placed on a raised and well decorated platform and offerings are made to Lord. Not only are the idols placed in home but also at various special places on a large scale. Also people bath in holy waters and meditate to connect with Lord Ganesh and pay their regards. Special offerings of sweets, flowers, rice, coconut and jaggery are made to Lord Ganesh. Various functions and performances are held on the eve of immersion of idols.

After 10 days of complete devotion to Lord Ganesh, on the eleventh day the idols are displaced from their location. The idols are carried away with celebrations and people dance and chant “Ganapati! Bappa! Moriya!” meaning “oh lord Ganesh return soon next year”. The entire week of Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated by zeal and devotion and the celebrations are mesmerizing.

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