Ganesh Mantra Meaning and Ganesh Chalisa

Lord Ganesh mantras are powerful and effective. These mantras give power, wisdom, peace, contentment, health, wealth and long life etc. There are many sacred mantras of lord Ganesh creates divine vibrations that heals to body and mind.

The mantras evoke the Ganesh within human beings and remove the obstacles in the auspicious work. Chanting of Ganesh mantras with faith and devotion is very beneficial and good to health for devotees.

Aum Gam Ganapataye Namah

This is lord Ganesha sacred main mantra. This mantra is primarily used for yoga sadhana to raise Ganesh.and merge our self with His supreme knowledge, peace and wisdom.

Aum lambodaraya namah

This is all the universe is in the sound of creation which is name “Aum” It means, all the universes are within you. Aum is a sacred world and it feels peace from chant. It is universe within Aum and Aum within you.

Aum Shri Ganeshaya Namah

This mantra is well known mantra of lord Ganesh. This mantra mostly uses in the “Hawan” (coronation) and in the starting of auspicious work. These words explained the praise to lord Ganesh. It is specially chant in the beginning of pujas and mostly chant in Japa.

Aum vakratundaya hum

This is very effective mantra of lord Ganesh. When something is not working properly with you and you are in the deep depression, feels negative then you should have to chant this mantra that will give you peace, your mind will keep cool and your work will do proper. Any obstacle will not come in your success way.

Aum vighna nashanaya namah

This is particular mantra of lord Ganesh. This mantra removes obstacles form your life and from your works. This is really an effective mantra which has significant power to remove every impediment in your life way.

Vigna Haran Mangal Karan, Lamboder Gajraj

This is mostly recited mantra of Lord Ganesh. Lord Ganesh  is believed to be the remover of all impediments and hence is called ‘Vighna haran’ This powerful mantra is chanted before beginning any auspicious task.

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