Gangaur Fair of Jaipur Rajasthan –

The Gangaur Festival is colour full and special fun festival of Rajasthan. It is the one of the biggest festival which celebrated in eighteen days. This Gangaur fair is celebrated in many district of Rajasthan. It is the festival which specially celebrated in Jaipur. This festival comes in the Hindi month of chaitra after eighteen days of holi festival. This gangaur fair and festival is very famous in Jaipur. People comes there in much quantity and celebrate this fair of gangaur.

This festival is related to god of shiva and parvati. It is celebrated in honour of Gauri or parvati who symbolises of saubhagya (marital bliss). Many women who worship Gauri they observe fast during this festival of Gangaur. Many unmarried women worship goddess of parvati for being blessed with good husbands and good married life and Further married women observe fast for welfare of their husband and her family.

The Gangaur fair and festival special celebrated in many cities of rajasthan at Jaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Nathdwara, Rajsamand and Jaisalmer are full of pomp and great joy. During this fair of gangaur people organised fair specially in Jaipur. Specially in Jaipur Many people make colorful procession of idol of god shiva and parvati with elephant, camel and horses and this procession goes to the main market of city and at last it goes to the fair of gangaur where people celebrate in night with fun and joy.

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