Gangaur is one of the most important and widely celebrated festivals in the state of Rajasthan. The festival is observed throughout the country by the Rajasthani community with great fervor. The festival commences on the first day of Chaitra month after Holi and it continues for the next 18 days.

Gangaur Puja Rajasthan :

Gangaur Puja

Gangaur Puja

The festival is mainly celebrated by the women in Rajasthan with great zest. The festival is celebrated to honor Gauri, the consort of Lord Shiva. On the day of festival both married and unmarried women worship the idol of Gauri.

The festival holds special significance for married women, who worship Gauri as a symbol of conjugal love and pray to the goddess for a successful and successful married life. While unmarried women worship the goddess and seek her blessings to get a good, loving husband.

Gangaur festival has rich tradition and rituals. The most important ritual is collecting ashes from the Holi fire and burying barley and wheat seed in it. These seeds are considered to be sacred and they are watered every day until the seeds starts to germinate. The women perform the ritual of watering the seeds with great devotion by singing songs of Gauri.

The Gangaur celebration festivals in Jaipur are well known all over the world and tourists from flock in large numbers to see the celebrations. During the festival, the locals and the tourists relish eating a sweet dish known as Ghewar, which is an important part of the festival. Every household in Rajasthan makes Ghewar and it is distributed amongst friends and relatives.

During the last three days the images of Gauri and Lord Shiva are dressed in rich garments specially made for the

occasion. At a particular time in the afternoon, the women take out a procession with the images of the god in the garden. On the final day of the festival women bid goodbye to Gauri and the Ganguar festival comes to an end.

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