Garba raas or garba dance is so popular type of dance In India. During navaratri nights many people across our country happy while they dance garba at navaratri Mela place with a good with attitude. garba raas is a very well known and famous traditional and folk dance of Gujarat India.

Garba raas dance or dandiya can be played with two small wood sticks (they are called as dandiya). many people dance without that dandiya too, they used their hands to clap while dancing.

Many women and people can not wear shoes during navaratri festival Days, they go out barefoot, some people observe full fast and upwaas etc. during these days to respect the faith.

people make small groups to performs dandiya or garba dance. many big orchestra and music groups arrange big dance events every year like graba dhamaka, dandiya raas 2013 etc. The garba dance is done in a big circle. dancers used to play with small wooden sticks.

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  1. steve
    September 27th, 2011 | 1:19 am

    One of my lady staff has told me that she can not wear shoes to work during navaratri festival, is that so?

    For what reason are women asked to go barefoot?

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