When you hear of Garba and Dandiya Raas, you can think of colourful atmosphere, fun, lots of dancing and celebrations. Come Navratri, that is nine nights, and the Garba and Dandiya Raas is on full fledged, with women and men dressed in their finest and looking their best for the nine nights of celebrations.

Garba Raas of Gujarat :

The girls are dressed in their finest Ghaghra Choli and the men do not fail to impress either in their Gujrati Kedia. Navratri is celebrates in the admiration of Goddess Durga and her nine avatars or metaphors. Each night signifies each image of Goddess Durga. And with Navratri became popular the most admired dance form, Garba and Dandiya. The dance and the music would let even the worst of dancers get on the floor and show off a few dandiya steps.

Garba Raas is one of the most popular dance form of women folk, and the women dance around a beautifully decorated pot and sing songs that have been passed on from generation to generation, and these songs are danced to, by the women clapping their hands together. The steps to the Garba are synchronised and looks very graceful.

Dandiya Raas is an expert dance form which requires a lot of agility and active participation. Dandiya is played with coloured sticks that are struck together. These sticks are made from bamboo and are decorated with beautiful colours, and sometimes have tiny bells attached to its ends. The partners dance together, striking their sticks and forming circular patterns and dancing to the rhythmic beats and foot tapping music that is played in the background.

Garba Raas and Dandiya Raas are the best part of the Navratri celebrations. Men and women, old and young all participate with great enthusiasm and joy to celebrate the nine nights of Navratri. The colours, the lights, the music, the dance and the food are all worth watching here.

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