Poor Day is the day to trace out the attraction of eligible people about the needy people or poor people who are not eligible to live their life as like a minimum standard of living. This is the dangerous problem for the human race in all over the world that there is no food for people or cloths for people or no house for people.

Some of the people living the luxury life and in other side most of the people struggling to live a normal life. Poor Day is declared as on 28th of June to attract the view of the people for those needy people of the world.

In India there is a big difficulty of needy people who are working hard but could not earning well to live a satisfied life. It is a big problem for a developing country. We are achieving more and more of the achievements but we are failing to provide a standard of living for human beings. According to estimation there are more than 3/4th of people of the total of the population facing all above the problems to living a standard of life. So it is the time to do something for those people otherwise it may the big problem for the country to be a developed country in the world.

Poor Day in Year 2012 : 28th June

28th of June is the day which will be celebrate as the Poor Day in the country of India along with the all world in the year of 2012. Eligible people have to help to those poor people of India in the world too.

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    March 5th, 2017 | 7:34 am

    This day should be celebrated

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