Goa is a state in India which is known throughout the world for its grand carnival. The carnival in Goa is known as Intruz and is celebrated for three days and night. Goa was ruled by the Portuguese for more than 400 years and they are the one who introduced carnival to Goa. Goa Carnival is pretty unique in its nature since the streets come alive with graceful dances, colors, festivity, music, etc.

Goa Carnival Celebration :



Goa is known for its beautiful beaches as a result of which many tourists visit Goa from different parts of the world. The Goa Carnival is one of the major attractions of Goa which attracts people from all over the globe. Goa Carnival is held on the month of February every year. This carnival is primarily celebrated by the Christian community in Goa but it displays a mix of Portuguese as well as Hindu traditions. Goa Carnival is being celebrated since 1961 which is meant for feasting, celebrating, drinking and rejoicing. The carnival is lead by King Momo who orders his subjects to party on the opening day.

In India the carnival is celebrated in Goa only. It is a time when all people join together to celebrate irrespective of their religion or culture. Goa Carnival gives a glimpse of typical Goan culture which is a combination of western and eastern cultures. Massive parade is organized all over Goa which is accompanied by floats, dances and bands. This is followed by grand balls which are held in the evenings. One of the chief attractions of Goa Carnival is the renowned red and black dance which is held in Panajim by Club National on the concluding day. All this have made Goa Carnival the most anticipated event for the Goans as well as tourists.

Those willing to visit Goa should visit during the time of Goa Carnival since it is the event nobody wants to miss. It is an occasion in which the whole of Goa comes alive with festivity and celebration.

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