Chitragupta Puja is a festival which comes in the moth of Kartik of Hindu calendar. There is a magical legend behind the celebration of Chitragupta Puja in Hindu religion. According to mythologies of Hindu religion all universe is a creation of lord Brahma. He created first world than he created 16 son from various part of his body. Chitragupta was the sixteenth son of lord Brahma. He appeared as the entire form of a human body and created from the belly of lord Brahma.

Incarnation of Lord Chitragupta :

This was an incarnation of Chitragupta appeared on the earth for remove sins of evils of human beings. There is a belief that if a person worships Chitragupta he can avoid or remove his sins of this life. There is another believe that a person if can not maintain the balance of his good deeds and misdoings than he will get multiple rebirth. Chitragupta Puja gives him a chance to get Nirvana from this life cycle.

Chitragupta Puja and Rituals :

People on this day of ‘Chitragupta Puja’ worship king Chitragupta for remove their sins of life. They also observe a ritual fast on this day. They had done various types of religious activities of day. They fed meals to poor and help to needy people on this day of Chitragupta Puja.

Chitragupta Puja In Year 2014: 15 April 

Bhagwan Chitragupta Puja observed by people each year in India during Kartik month of Hindu calendar at madhya pradesh and its coming in march- april. This is the time of religious and ritual acts.

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