Kali is a famous goddess of Hindu religion. She is also called Kalika. The word kali is a synonymous of the word ‘kala’ that indicate death. That is why she is known as a ‘goddess of death’. She is a creator of the universe which has a linked with endless power. It is believed that she is a goddess of period and transform. She is a form of goddess Shakti. She has a dark complexion so she called Kali.

A famous myth is associated with deity Durga and demon Raktabija. Raktabija was a cruel demon of that time and he wanted to rule the earth.

Goddess Kali Maa The Devine Mother:

When goddess Durga tried to kill him then his every drop of the blood which fell down on the earth produced his duplicate. That was such a critical situation for goddess Durga. After that to kill the demon Raktabija, Durga summoned

goddess kali for help. Some devotees also believed that goddess Durga became goddess Kali at this movement. Goddess Durga acquired a terrible form of kali at this time. Goddess kali killed demon Raktabija by drinking his blood and putting his thousands clones into her mouth.

Mainly goddess Kali depicted in two forms. A famous ten armed form and the other one is a simple four armed form. She is shown with a black complexion in many photos. Her eyes represent his destructive anger. Her tongue has shown outside in her icon. She wore a wreath of fifty two human heads. In her ten armed form she has ten feet, ten arms and ten appearances. She also has three eyes in this form. She rides on the lion.

Goddess kali represents the feminine vigor. She is such a great divine which is truly worshipped on the occasion of Durga festival.

Kali also called mother of goddess. She has a significant role in the area of ‘Tantra vidya”. People also worshipped divine Kali to become perfect in ‘Tantra-yoga’.

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