Saraswati Pooja is the worship of goddess Sarswati represents the learning, wisdoms, and knowledge. She is the goddess of Hindu religion who is a sign of peace, arts, music, and crafts. Saraswati Pooja is the festival which celebrated during the Vasant Panchami festival and Navratra Festival in a year. Goddess

Saraswati is a sign of creativity, power and inspirations. During Vasant Panchami it celebrated in the month of Magh that is January or February and During Navratra it celebrated in the months of October or November. In the state of Kerala the worship of Sarswati is called as the festival of Vidyarambham.

Sarswati Pooja is the most celebrated festival of North India. People from those parts start learning their children first time and inspire to write first time.

Various educational institutes organize various programs along with the worship of goddess Sarswati. In north India during Navratra the day of Vijayadashmi is the time to initiate the children to go first time in learning world.

Saraswati Pooja in 2012 Basant Panchami : 28th January

Saraswati Pooja in year 2012 will be celebrated during the festival of Vasant Panchami that is 28th january.  It is good time to pray the goddess of wisdom and knowledge.

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