Goga Navami is the day of birth celebration of famous deity of Rajasthan named by Gogaji. Gogaji is the name famous among the people belongs to Hindu religion while it is famous as the name of Jahar Veer Gogga among the communities of Muslim religion. Gogaji is one of the popular deities of Rajasthan. Gogaji was a worrier hero of Rajasthan. There is a tribe known as the name of Rabari one of the popular priests of Gogaji. This community spread out in various parts of the country like Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat along with Rajasthan.

Gogaji had born as a son of Chauhans a Rajputana community on day of ninth dark fortnight of Shrawan month. He is a deity which is worshiped in all around the Rajasthan. Goga Navami is a birth celebration of this famous deity of Rajasthan. It is celebrated by the various tribes of Rajasthan but especially by the Rabari tribe. On that day people worship this deity with performing of various ritual acts like folk dances and folk music.

Goga Navami Festival In Year 2012:

23rd of August is day when Goga Navami will be celebrate with its original mean in all over country especially in region of Rajasthan. This is day not only to pray Gogaji but also to be a follower of his direction to reach on the destination of religion. Gogaji was also a famous saint of Rajasthan.

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  1. shivraj goyal
    August 18th, 2014 | 12:01 am

    it is a great day with many families of rajasthan, to keep the rakhi in tact for eight day, and on ninth dayn a traditional kumari or potter woman use to bring a statue of a warrior on horse with a flag like spear in his hand. We use to tie up our rakhi on the spear and worship the earthen statue on horse. We use to call him ” GOGAJI’ It use to be small one. The kumari or potter woman was given many eatables and some corns and clothes and money.

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