Goswami Tulsidas is one of the most famous ancient time’s poets of India. He was the author of a holy Hindu book which is known as the name of Ramcharitmanas. This is the book consist the whole life of lord Rama and tales of Ramayana. Goswami

Tulsi das

Tulsi das

Tulsidas Jayanti observed on the seventh day after the day of Shravan Amavasi each of the year.

It is the birth celebration of this great poet and author of India. The originally story related to lord Rama was written by a great author Valmiki. Ramcharitmanas is just a conversation of Holy book Ramayana. Ramcharitmanas written in the language of Awadhi and it is a dialect of Hindi language.

There is a saying that sage Tulsidas was met to the lord Hanuman and he composed a meeting of Tulsidas to lord Rama. It is also saying that lord Hanuman inspired to Tulsidas for write a book about lord Rama. People also believed that Goswami Tulasidas was an incarnation of sage Valmiki. Ramayana is the great epic but written in the language of Sanskrit which can understood only by the scholars. It is not easy to understand for ordinary people so Ramcharitmanas is the way for those people to read and understand the story of Lord Rama.

Goswami Tulsidas Jayanti :

Goswami Tulsidas Jayanti is a birth celebration of this great sage of history of India. It is celebrated by most parts of India by religious people from Hindu religion. It is time to understand an importance of contribution of Goswami Tulsidas for our country.

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