About Lord Krishna :

Krishna is the supreme power of whole universe. Krishna was born as an 8th Avtar of Lord Vishnu. He was appeared in 5000 years ago of Hindu calendar. He is also known as the names of Parmatma, Govind, Gopal, Parbrahma Krishna, Purna Purshottam Krishna etc. He was remained 125 years on earth for destroy the darkness of evils.

Shree Krishna himself was a supreme personality of Godhead. He has given a universal massage to human being through Bhagwat Gita the holistic book of Hinduism. Gita gives us a path to walk with our life circumstances.

About cialis order online This Devotional Song (Govind Jay Jay Gopal Jay Jay) :

Govind jay jay Gopal jay jay is a sweet and beautiful devotional song of Lord Krishna. This song represents the supreme power of this universe. People sung this song for worship of Lord Krishna. This is a song which creates a peace to our internal soul.

There is a very quite devotional song of lord Krishna sung by Falguni Pathak with her tremendous voice and rhythm.

Devotional Song of Lord Krishna

Lyrics of Devotional Song of Lord Krishna

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