Shri Ramdas was the greatest saint of the world during his time period of life. He had born at a place named Jamb in the state of Maharashtra in year of 1608 AD. He was a son of Renuka Bai (Mother) and Suryaji Panth (Father). The great Maratha king of history the Shivaji was a follower of Shri Ramdas. Saint Ramdas is also known as a name of Samarth Guru Ramdas. Actual name of Saint Ramdas was Narain. Saint Ramdas was a disciple of saint Tukaram. He believed in lord Hanuman and lord Rama. He was a great devotee of lord Rama.

Shri Ramdas was a one of the most famous saints and heartily close with ritual thoughts of divine power of the world. All saints a close affinity with other saints and Saint Ramdas was one of the saints who believed in discussion from other saints on ritual topics. He was always met to other saints for spiritual discussion. The topics of Saint Ramdas were beyond from the world. He has a great touch about philosophical and religious discussion. Some of the topic of discussion related to the soul after death. Shri Ramdas very closes to saint Jayaram from Vadgaon. Both of them always engage with critical ritual topics of discussions.

Saint Ramdas got spiritual knowledge early in his age. He got the Darshan of Lord Rama in the age of twelve. There is a saying he ordered by lord Rama to visit various spiritual and religious places. Once a time he was taking bath in the bank of Godavari River in Nasik he recites the spiritual Gayatri Mantra.

He had got a great disciple Shivaji as a follower of his ritual learning. Ramdas spent his whole life in search of spiritual secrets of lord and life.

Saint Ramdas Jayanti In Year 2011 : 26th February

Ramdas Jayanti is dedicated to the birth day of the great saint of history of India. This day celebrated each of the years in India as Ramdas Jayanti. In Year of 2011 it will be come on the date of 26th of February.

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