Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti is a pious festival of Sikhs which is celebrated with great favor. People of Sikh community goes to Gurdwara and sing devotional songs and offer pray for their prosperity.

He was tenth and last guru of sikh community people. Guru Gobind Singh the tenth sikh guru was born at Patna Sahib on 22 December, 1666. It is said that Guru Gobind Singh fights many battles against several Mughal rulers with their followers during his lifetime.

During this critical time he lost his mother and four children.

Before his death in 1708 he written some writings to the Sikh scriptures and requested his followers and worshipers to take spiritual guidance out of the Guru Granth Sahib the holy book of the Sikhs.

On this day large procession goes through the market with devotional songs and people join this procession and sing devotional songs and along with distribute sweet and sacred sharbat (cold drink) among the children with full of enthusiasm.

Some Songs are here to Play on Guru Gonbind Singh Jayanti Festival:

  1. Gurubani Ucharan – Ek Onkar
  2. Merey Jearia Pardesiyan – Anoop Singh
  3. Guru Maneyo Granth – Anoop Singh
  4. Baani Guru Guru Hai Bani – Anoop Singh
  5. Mil Mere Gobind Apna Nam – Anoop Singh
  6. Aeyo Saran Deen Dukh Bhanjan – Arvinderpal Singh
  7. Baba Deep Singh Te Honi – Amar Singh Chamkila
  8. Baba Farid – Amar Singh Chamkila
  9. Guru Nanak – Jazzy B
  10. Ghar Hun Kithi Ku Doore – Manmohan Waris

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