Guru Pushya Yoga is a most auspicious day for Hindu religion in India. this is a day of Guruvar or Thursday. This day is one of the major days for initiation of education of children (Vidhyarambham or Akshrabhyasam), for house warming (Grih Pravesh), or for other works. Guru Pushya Yoga is one of the best and major positions of Nakshatram in sky.

Those Nakshatrams are the major part of Hindu religion. Those effects on a life of a children when he born or effect on a marriage life or effect of other things according to situation of stars. It is a wonderful knowledge of Jyotish Vidhya in Hindu religion. And Guru Pushya Yoga is one of the major parts of this branch of knowledge.

Guru Pushya Yoga is a good day for begun a good job or work. It is a best position of stars which can affect the things and results of those things. People in Hindu religion most believed on this branch of knowledge. They always followed all rules of the day. Guru Pushya Yoga observes more than one time in a year mostly but may be in some of cases it observes for a day in a year.

Pushya Nakshatra Dates In Year 2013 :

18 April 2013 (Thursday)

16 May  2013 (Thursday)

13 June 2013 (Thursday)

19 December 2013 (Thursday)

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