Gyan Panchami Festival –

Gyan Panchmi day is celebrated all over by the Jain peoples. The fifth day after Diwali is known as Gyan Panchami. Gyan (knowledge) is known as the light of our inner soul. Gyan is a natural light. Gyan Panchmi is a bright flame of humans beings life. We never see anything without its (gyan) light. We does not able to know the difference between true and false without this. Gyan is called the second sun and third Eye. Therefore the worship of Gyan Panchami should be done By the humans beings. on these days our world is influenced false thinking by the wrongly knowledge, So the total Gyan (samyak) is very necessary for the all peoples.

The Gyan Panchami comes on the fifth day of the fortnight of the waxing moon in the month of kartik in each year. Jain People celebrate this (Gyan Panchami) festival with a great joy and happiness. Gyan Panchami is also known as ‘Saubhagya Pachami’ and the ‘Labha Panchami’. On the occasion of Gyan Panchmi women cleans their home and then prepare for special pooja and jap path etc. Gyan Panchami is also celebrated as a day of very special knowledge and the holy books. This day is a important time for students and scholars to celebrate this festival. Gyan Panchami is a day of worship of pure knowledge.

The Kayatsarga of fifty one Logassa, fifty one Swastikas, fifty one Khamasanas and the Jap Pad of ‘Namo Nanassa’ and twenty Navakarvalis are performed on this day. The end result of all things is this, the bad knowledge of Karmas are destroyed. The foolish man can also become wise man. In the past days, Vardatt and Gunamanjari had done against it. So they had to face the results of their sins. This is also a famous story.

on the day of gyan panchmi many people observed the fast with keeping totally silence. So that the observer can get happiness, good luck, gyan and omniscience later on. This day is also celebrated as ‘Jaya Panchami’, ‘Pandava Panchami and ‘Sri Guru Govind Singh jayanti’.

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