Hal Chhath or Lalahi Chhath In Year 2012 :

Hal Chhath is one of the most famous festivals of India especially in the region of north India. It is the occasion which is most popular in the farming community of the country. It is the festival which is famous to celebrate the birth day of lord Balram the elder brother of lord Krishna. Hal Chhath is the festival which is celebrated on the fourth day of Shukla Paksh of Bhadrapad month of Hindu calendar. Hal Chhath is a festival which is also known as name of Lalahi Chhath in India.

Hal Chhath mainly celebrated by the married women in the rural areas of the country. Those women observed a fast on that day for obtaining a male child or for good health of their children. They not only engage in the fast acts but also engage with various types of ritual acts for needy people. They performs a religious bath on that day to make themselves pure for the ritual acts. people worship lord Balram and lord Krishna on this day. Hal Chhath is most famous occasion for the married women of rural parts of the country especially in the farming communities so it has an importance of delicious foods of agriculture India.


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