Halloween Celebration:

Halloween has a deep relation with the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Christian sacred day of all Saints. Today Halloween is a worldly celebration. Halloween is celebrated as a holiday in many western countries. Halloween is also known as a ‘Allhallows or Hallowmas’. It is believed that Nicholas Rogers, expand the birth of Halloween.



Halloween has roots in the Roman dinner of ‘Pomono’ or in the celebration of Parentalia. Pomono is the goddess of fruits and seeds. Halloween is a great celebration for the children and adults. Halloween is celebrate on the night of October 31. People decorates their house on the Halloween day and they goes to Halloween parties.

Halloween parties have a many traditional games. A famous game is apple-bobbing. In this game, some apples are kept in a pot and participants use their teeth to eliminate an apple from the pot. A participant which is removed a large number of apple in comparison to other participant, he is declared as a winner.

People does many activities like watching horror movies, wearing terrible costumes of ghosts, telling terrible stories etc. So, we can say Halloween is such a great enjoyable and entertaining day for the people. Halloween is a

revered day in the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches. Such Halloween has a great importance for the western countries.

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