Diwali is the most valuable and important festival of Hindus. It leads many traditions with it for impact of real festivity, fun and joy. In these exchanging presents in form of Diwali gift with near and dear. These are for one who loves and care for you. It’s festival of lights so your gift should also put flash on face of receiver who receive your Diwali gift.

Handmade Diwali Gifts :

If your gift is hand made then none other can be valuable for receiver then that. We get bored of giving a box of sweets and a decorative piece or similar things year buy year. Here are some ideas of home made Diwali gifts as follows-

Handmade Diyas

What comes in our mind immediately about Diwali gift, it’s a Diya. They make one of the best Diwali gifts as there is Take some porcelain and mold them into diyas of your desired shape.

Color it in the most brilliant festive colors possible such as red, blue, yellow, orange and others. Now fix around it little mirrors or golden zari, which would give a beautiful look to the diyas.

Handmade Photo Frame

Cut a cardboard it into rectangular pieces. Join it one over the other in order to make it the shape of a photo frame. Cover the frame with a light colored carter sheet. Now fill the colors of your choice. To give a better look to it, color it bronze, silver or gold. Prepare a photo frame on your own and put any old photograph of you and the ones close to your heart.

Presenting them with handmade gifts not just give a personalized touch, but it will also explores your creativity and interest in

Diwali activities.

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