Hanuman Jayanti Festival of birth day of lord hanuman. It is a very well known and colourful festival. This festival is celebrated in month of chaitra (march-april). He was son of wind-God and Anjani devi. He was a great parents. On this festival people worshiped of lord hanuman. People pray for health and wealth. The lord Hanuman had much physical power. Hanuman was brave and wise.

Each temple of Shri Ram has the idol of Hanuman also. Hanuman is the incarnation of Lord Shiva. it is believed that Lord Hanuman is a devotee of lord shri rama and he was brahmachari. He was lord of conscience. He had power of much celibacy.

It is the one of the most important festival for wrestlers because, Lord Hanuman is the symbol of strength, energy and power. Hanuman is a very great devotee of lord Rama and he helped to Rama in the war of Ram and Ravan. There are many popular mythological stories on Ram and Hanuman.

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