One of the most happy and colorful festivals in India is the festival of Holi. Hindus all over the world welcome the season of spring by celebrating Holi. Usage of both wet and dry colors makes it a colorful and happening festival. You can use a bright red, purple, orange and variety of other colors and celebrate Holi in style. This is one festival which involves a lot naughtiness and tricks. Both the youngsters and adults think of witty ways to splash colors on each other.

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Holi Scrap

Holi Scrap

People generally go and wish their family members, friends, colleagues and neighbors Happy Holi. However, with the advent of technology ushering in our lives and making life way to easy for us we have forgotten how to personally go and wish people on festivals which was the conventional and a warm way to do so. These days’ people generally resort to sms and social networking sites to connect and send greetings.

It has been researched that Orkut is thoroughly used by Indians and one of the best wishes to greet all the relatives and friends staying out of the city can be wished by sending Holi scraps. This indeed is possible due to the advancement of technology. If you are living in Mumbai and your friends is in Australia you can make use of your orkut account and send Holi greetings by scrapping.

Sending Holi scraps is fun and you can make use of your creativity as well. You can send animated Holi scraps, vibrant texts and so on. This indeed is a flexible and smart way of wishing people. However, emotions take a backseat as

everything is based on the click of the mouse. You do not hug people nor the smile on their face while sending Holi scraps. However, this is indeed a cool way of saying Happy Holi.

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