Hatkeshwar Jayanti is a very famous celebrated festival of follower of lord Shiva. Hatkeshwar is an incarnation of lord Shiva. It is the festival which is mostly observed by the Nagar community of Hindu religion in India. Hatkeshwar Jayanti is the day when lord Shiva had appearance as Hatkeshwar Shivaling as on the 14th waxing phase of moon in the month of chaitra of Hindu calendar. This festival Hatkeshwar Jayanti is also called as the festival of Hatkeshwar Patotsav.

There are two most famous temples of Hatkeshwar Shivalings which celebrated this Hatkeshwar Jayanti with a great pleasure and joys during that time and located at Bhuj and Mandvi. During this festival people worshiped lord Shiva and attire with the ritual activities like donations, observance of fasts, devotional programs. It is the day with is most famous in Northern parts of India.

Hatkeshwar Jayanti : 

Hatkeshwar Jayanti is the birth day of an incarnation Hatkeshwar of lord Shiva so this celebrated by mostly the followers of this incarnation named the Nagar community each of the years.

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