Hazrat Ali was a great man in the history of mankind and the history of Islam. Hazrat Ali is respected for his courage, knowledge, belief, honest, inflexible devotion to Islam.  He has remembered because of his deep loyalty to Mohammed and his equal behavior to all Muslims. He forgives too many conquered enemies in his life.

Hazrat Ali’s Birthday :

Hazrat Ali

Individuals can take limited holidays but government offices and most businesses remain open. This system gives individuals the flexibility to take time off to celebrate a holiday within India’s vast religious and cultural society. He was the cousin and son in law of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad and ruled the Islamic from 656 to 661.

Muslims consider Ali the fourth and final of the Rashidun, while Shi’a Muslims observe Ali as the first Inam and consider him and his ancestors the rightful successors to Muhammad which are the members of the Ahl al- Bayt, the household of Muhammad. There are many verses in Holy book Quran which have some references on Hazrat Ali. There are 300 verses in the Holy Quran which have understood position to Hazrat Ali.

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