India is country of festivals, we celebrate many festivals in many part of India according to the culture and rituals of that part. Buddhist also have many festivals, they celebrate them energetically and enthusiastically.

Hemis monastery is one of the famous Tibetan Buddhist monastery and they always celebrate this festival here in this place so the festival is known as Hemis Festival. In early part or early days of June every year. Hemis Festival is celebrated in the honor of guru Padmasambhava in Hemis Monastery.



The very colorful and joy full minimum two-day event is celebrated from the 10th day of the Tibetan calendar or Tibetan moon month. All the people of that area or region wear very beautiful traditional dresses on this particular occasion.

They celebrate this festival with lots of charm with presenting great, famous traditional mask dancers and other traditional presentations and sacred plays. They beat drum in loud voice, prepare sweets and give good wishes to one another.

Padmasambhava fought with friends for showing that they want safety for their people and they are well prepared if or any inverse condition occurs. The mask dace and the play shows the same purpose the win of good over evil and they are well prepared under the shelter of Padmasambhava if fight occurs.

There is one special dance known as devil dance, the whole city is decorated and there is a fair organized in that area and timings.

  • Hemis festival in 2013 will be celebrated : 

  • Start Date: 18 June 2013, End Date: 19 July 2012)

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