It is one of the famous Tibetan Buddhist monestary. Here the word monastery means gompa that is fortification of learning, lineage and sadhana. They are basically situated in Tibet, Ladakh (India), Nepal, and Bhutan.But this particular monastery is located in Hemis, Ladakh, that’s why it is known as Hemis Monastery.

Hemis Monastery Gompa:

The interior settings,design and architecture varies from monastery tomonasteryn but the architecture of Hemis Monastery is very famous. The common thing amongst all monasteries is the buddhist design of structures. India is country of festivals; we celebrate many festivals in many part of India according to the culture and rituals of that part. In early June every year Hemis Festival is celebrated in the honor of Padmasambhava in Hemis Monastery.

This monastery is in existence before the eleventh century.A person called Naropa, the student of the yogi Tilopa in the initial years of establishment came here and get connected with this particular monastery.

hemis gompa of leh

hemis gompa of leh

Tilopa is a famous and kind master who gave his student Naropa total 24 tasks to complete in which the first 12 were “great” and the next 12 were “small” tasks. He wanted to enlighten his student to the inherent space of all things. After both of them Naropa and Tilopa met there in Hemis they returned back in the direction ofkingdom of Maghada which is having a certain monastery, known as Otantra.

That particular place is known as today’s Otantapuri. Naropa is known as the founding person of the Kagyu-lineage of Buddhism. So Hemis is the main place of the Kagyu joint or lineageof Buddhism.

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