Ganga- the holy river or the river of gods, is a well known name by the people of India. It is known as the resource to wash all the sins that has done in life. Ganga was the holy river flows in the haven only.

Bhagirath worshiped Lord Brahma to bring Ganga on the earth for making the soul immortal of their relatives killed in a battle.

So Ganga comes from haven to earth and falls on the head of lord Shiva and then on earth. Aarti of Ganga is to holy thanks by the people for her kindness and excusal like a mother. All the holy and great places are situated at the bank of river Ganga. Aarti and pooja of this holy river is did like a goddess.

Ganga Aarti In Hindi :

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  1. V.Shrinivas
    June 9th, 2010 | 4:43 pm

    Thank You & God Bless you for the informative article
    on our most sacred River Ganger and the YouTube
    “Ganga Aarti from Rishikesh

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