INDIA is the one of the only country with the largest and most diverse mixtures of races. India is a land of rich culture and festivals are an integral part of every Indian’s life. there are many religious lived in India. Hindu is one of that. The festivals in India are just as vibrant as its cultural fabric. The festivals in India breaks all barriers of discrimination so that everyone looks the same and universal brotherhood is reaffirmed.

Many of the religious festival are Diwali, Holi, Raksasha bandan, Sankranti etc. Hinduism is often described as a religion of fasts, feasts and festivals. There are many religious festival in India that are celebrated by Hindu peoples every year. Thus, the culture of Hindu mythological all festival tell good points. Hindu festivals are unlimited, as their exact number is not known.

Hindus believe in transmigration or reincarnation, as a journey on the way to God, The Supreme Reality which Hindus call Brahman. Hindu tells to love every body. In this world no one is small or long all are the same child of God. Hindu religious festival celebrated with family and their relation ships.

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