History of Buddhism:

The history of Buddhism dates back to the year 566 BC when Siddratha was born in kapilavastu. He was born in the royal family and father was King Suddhodhana while his mother was Queen Maya. At the time of his birth, it was predicted that he will become Buddha that disappointed his parents as they wanted him to be the future king.

In an attempt to change the destiny, the King decided to provide all the luxuries and happiness of this world to the prince so that he would never leave the life of palace. Prince Siddhartha was married to the beautiful princess Yashodhara at the young age of sixteen but soon he was bored of the peaceful life in the palace. He wanted to explore the world and therefore he set out on world trips.

He travelled across the world three times and each time he witnessed death, sickness, and old age as the hard realities of life. He could not see the pain of people outside the palace and started questioning himself as to how he could lead a peaceful life when there were so many people suffering in the world. During his fourth trip to the world, he came across a monk who has left everything to seek an end to the pains and miseries of life for the world.

Buddha decided to become like him and he left the life of palace forever at the age of 29. After six years, he reached Gaya where he started meditating under the Bodhi tree. He meditated for six days under this tree and attained enlightenment here. On a full moon night he was lured by an evil but Buddha was able to defeat all the lures and win over the evil. He realized what the root cause of all miseries in this world was and also knew how he could bring an end to all these miseries. Therefore, he became the Buddha.

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