History of Diwali Festival :

Diwali is celebrated on “Kartika Krishna Paksha Amavashya”. It has the mythological and historically significant effect over Hindus and other communities.

Diwali is the festival of joy and victory of good over evil. On this day people uses firecrackers for joy and celebration of good over evil.

This is the day of lights, people light Diyas and electric item to make their future successful and peaceful by the praise god.

The History of Diwali mainly can understand through some different types of topics related to the festival which make it a significant celebration for us:

1)      Mahisasur: The festival begins with Dhanterash, which is the celebration of goddess Laxmi.

2)      Narak chaturdhashi: On the second day people celebrates narak chaturdhashi, on this day Narakasura was killed by Satyabhama with the help of Indra.

3)      Ramayana: The most important reason for the celebration of diwali is Ayodhya celebration, on this day The Lord Rama returns to home after kill the demon Ravan.

4)      Goverdhan Pooja: The fourth day of the celebration is for the Lord Krishna, on this day Krishna lifting the goverdhan parvat on his little finger.

5)      Bhai duj: This is the day fifth of the festival, this is the day which shows the relationship between brother and sister.

The festival of diwali is historically the oldest festival according to Indian mythology and Indian religion where as it is also a significant festival for other religion such as shikh and Jain.

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