Rakhi or Rakshabandhan is an important ritual festival ofIndia. it is a celebration of relationship between brother and sister. Rakhi is a bond of love and protection between sister and brother.

During this festival a sister tie a strip of rakhi to her brother’s wrist and wishes for batter fortune in future and brother give her promises of protection in difficulties. Rakhi is an ancient festival there are many ethnic and historical legends associated with it. There are some of Rakhi Legends as follows.

Legends of Rakshabandhan Festival:  

Lord Krishna and Draupadi:

During time period of a great epic of Indian history ‘Mahabharata’ lordKrishnawas saved her sister draupadi for their relationship. In court of Duryodhan, Lord Krishna saved prestige of her sister Draupadi, because Draupadi was tied a strip of cloth onKrishna’s wrist and get a promise of protection in difficulties.

Lord Yama and Yamuna:

The lord of death ‘Yama’ also promises to protect in difficult circumstances to his Sister ‘Yamuna’. Yamuna tied a thread of rakhi on wrist of Yama.

Indrani and Lord Vishnu:

Once upon a time lord Indra lost his kingdom in battle from a demon and become frustrated. Than Indrani, her wife worshipped lord Vishnu to save her husband. Lord Vishnu advice she to tie a strip of cloth on his wrist, this called as ‘Rakshabandhan’. It saved lord Indra from demon.

Rani Karnawati and Himayun:

There is another historical legend behind this famous festival ofIndia. Rani Karnawati was a widowed queen of Chittor region. She sent a rakhi thread to a Mughal emperor named Himayun and called him to save her kingdom. After getting this rakhi Himayun came to help her.

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