An annual Sikh martial festival, Hola Mohalla is celebrated in the month of
Phalguna (March), a day after Holi by people of Sikh community. Hola Mohalla
Festival is celebrated in North India, specially in Punjab and Haryana and
all throughout the india where is a significant Sikh population.

Hola Mohalla was started by the tenth Sikh Guru Gobind Singh, as a gathering
of Sikhs to check military preparedness through military exercises and mock
battles. The Holla Mohalla festival is display for brotherhood between
peoples. Sikh people celebrates this festival with a great joy. they make
big preparations for programme.

During this Hola Mohalla festival all the people wear new colour full clothes
and traditional jewellery. Many people goes gurdwara and pray for
prosperity. on this occasion Hola Mohalla organised Bhangra dance by men, It
is very famous dance in all over the world.

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