Holi Celebrations around the world :

Holi is one of the most popular Indian festivals. It is known as the festival of colors. The festival is celebrated with great gaiety not only in India, but all over the world amongst the Indian communities.

The festival truly brings out the festive mood in all Indians around the world. The festival evokes a sense of oneness and belongingness amongst Indians residing in foreign land. Indians settled in foreign countries celebrate the festival with great fanfare and adhere to the traditions and rituals associated with the festival.

Let us look at How Holi is celebrated in different countries around the world:

  • Holi in Mauritius:

Mauritius has a huge Indian population in the country; Hindus constitute about 63% of the Mauritius population. With such huge Hindu population, the festival is celebrated with gusto.

  • Holi in United Kingdom:

It is a known fact that several Indians have settled in different parts of Britain. The Hindus residing in the country do not miss the chance to celebrate Holi. In UK Holi is celebrated with utmost joy, since Indians constitute the second largest ethnic group.

  • Holi in USA:

Like UK, USA has a large population of Indians living in the country. The Indians, especially the Hindus residing in USA celebrate with same joy as their Indian counterparts.

There are plenty of Indian societies and religious organizations in USA. All these groups come together and relish the opportunity to celebrate the Holi festival and feel close to their cultural roots. The organizations arrange social gathering to mark the occasion. The main motive of these gathering is to teach the young generation about the significance of the festival and help them to identify their roots.  The Holi celebration can be seen in the streets of New York, which has the large numbers of Indians residing in the city.

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