Dhulandi is a major part of Holi Festival of Hindu religion. Dhulandi celebrated next day of Holika Dahan. People after burning of Holika the demon who died by the form of lord Krishna in evening of Falgun Puranima next day celebrate the day of Dhulandi with colors. It is a celebration of won of good over evils. There are some of other myths about the celebration of Dhulandi during the festival of Holi.

One of the most important belief of people is it is the day of victory of righteousness over badness and another important myth related to the celebration of welcoming of spring season after a harsh winter season. It is the time of joy and happiness. People are during the time looks for good harvesting.

There is another different myth that this is a time of seasonable change in environment which causes of diseases among the people so they avoid those diseases by using medicine colors like uses of Neem, Haldi, Bilva and Kum Kum etc.

There is another tradition of an especial drink which called as ‘Thandai’. It is a drink prepare with ‘Bhang’. People celebrate this day with so much of joy and energy level. They play to each other with water and colors. It is a famous festival in all around the parts of country.

Dhulandi In Year 2014 : 18 March

Dhulandi is a significant day of Holi festival. It is a sign of happiness with colors of life and it will be celebrate in all around

the India as like each of the years as on 18th of March 2014.

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