Holi festival is celebrated in all over the country on the day of Purnima in the Phalgun month. It is celebrated with a different traditions and rituals. This festival has a legend related with lord Krishna and goddess Radha.

A Story Of Radha-Krishna :

Krishna has a dark complexion and Radha has a fair complexion. That is why Krishna was so envious of her fair complexion. Krishna said his mother Yashoda that why he is dark and Radha is fair.

To convince her crying son Krishna, she said him to color on radha’s face in which manner he want. Krishna convinced with his mother. He applied color on the Radha’s face to making her as same as himself. So, to recall this legend holi festival is celebrated.

Food Traditions

On this occasion many delicious verity of the food is being made by the people like Puranpoli, Dahi badas, Gujiya, Malpua, Mathri, Kheech etc. It is an also most famous tradition to drink Bhang.

Bhajans On Holi Festival

There are many Bhajans have written related with holi festival. A beautiful Bhajan we can read as follows:

Holi Colors

Holi Colors

Nandi kese khele anokhi holi sham ke
Ya hari me kho gayi re mere payal pav ke
Avhi nayi gadahi mene bahutak dam ke
Nandi kese khele ………………

Dhum sahi na jaye sakhi re aado sham ke
Harmat laag jaye esse holi kaya kaam ke
Nandi kese khele ………………

Rese bahut hai buri sakhi re, gokul gavo ke
Rag dale chap lagaye, apne naam ke
Nandi kese khele ………………

Yah hari hai ajar amar, govardan dham ke
Mitre mandle khush rahi, sab har naye saal ke
Nandi kese khele………………

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