Holi Fun:

India is most commonly known as land of festivals. Most of the festivals like Diwali, Ganesh chaturdashi are celebrated in all parts of India. Holi is one of these festivals, but the element of fun is comparatively more than the other festivals. The main reason for that is because of direct involvement of people and great fun and frolic. Holi is celebrated in different regions with slightly different customs but the same central theme.

In Barsana, the birthplace of Radha, the way Holi is celebrated is very unique and full of fun for people who are involved. Holi is celebrated here as the celebration of love between Lord Krishna and Radha. Men from Nandgaon, the land of Krishna come and play holi in Barsana, but they are greeted with sticks from the women of the village.  The men come all padded and try their best to hoist the flag over Radhikaji’s temple. All this is the part of festivities which are carried out every year with great devotion and dedication.

In Bihar the festival is celebrated in a different manner than in Barsana, here idols of Krishna and Radha are placed on a picturesquely decorated palanquin which is then taken around the area. Devotees take turn to lift the palanquin and they move around it singing devotional songs. While these things are going on others spray colours, colourful water, and abeer on each other’s, and on the people who are dancing. Everyone is immersed in the immense joy and celebration their favorite festival.

Thus in different parts of the country the festival is celebrated in different ways, but the joy and fun people experience everywhere is same. It is not only about having fun but also about learning

the essence of festival, the message that goodness prevails over evil, which makes the festival a thorough fun.

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