Holi, a festival of immense significance, is also one of the oldest festivals that are celebrated inIndia. Holi is a festival that brings joyful pictures of people gorging on sweets that are prepared in connection with the festival, and also people coloured from head to toe in varied array of colours. It is a festival which brings out people from their home and everyone celebrates together.

Color Festival Holi in Andhra Pradesh:

Holi is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy all overIndia, and Andhra Pradesh is one of those states inIndiawhere Holi is celebrated with a lot of fervour. This is one of those places where Holi is a public holiday, and the preparation of the festival starts well in advance to ensure smooth flow of the events. Every household is bustling with activities, the kids will be preparing their arsenals of colours, the ladies will be preparing sweets and other delicious food items, and the men would be engaged in making things ready for the bonfire and other such rituals.

The festival symbolizes the triumph of good over evil, and this is signified by burning of the bonfires, and also about the love between Radha andKrishnawhich is signified by playing with colours and water. It is celebrated in delightful manner in Andhra Pradesh, after playing with colours in the morning the young people of the family apply colour to the feet of elders and take their blessings. Like every other festival it emphasizes on importance of values.

It is one festival where you need to have complete participation, to come out and share your happiness openly with one and all, a festival to make new ties, to renew the old ones. In Andhra Pradesh, the people ensure that they celebrate the festival to its fullest, practise and preach what this wonderful festival symbolizes.

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