Holi Celebration in Delhi:

Delhi is the capital of India, and is one of the renowned cities in the world. It being the capital and the heart of India, Delhi celebrates Holi with extreme enthusiasm and excitement. Considered to be a metro city, there is a mix of cultures and traditions over here, thus adding colour to the way the festival of Holi is celebrated over here. The different aspects of Holi that are celebrated in different parts of the country are visible on the streets of Delhi.

Bonfires are lit signifying the end of evil by burning the bonfires and prevalence of good. These bonfires form a big part in the tradition and are followed fervently by the people. On the eve of Holi, bonfires or Holika are lit in the important centres of the city where people celebrate the victory of good over evil. Wood for burning Holika is collected weeks before the festival, these days waste wood is used to prevent unwanted cutting of trees.

The next day of the burning of Holi, people in Delhi move out in groups and apply colours to each other. The colour fest goes on for so long and the celebrations are so intense that at the end of it people are unrecognizable. Plays with colours are more in the residential colonies as people usually do not go out with families beyond their neighbourhood. Even public conveyances do no ply with usual frequency, as people are afraid that they might get drenched in colour by the general public.

Holi is also celebrated at the Presidents and Prime Minister Residences where people gather to play Holi. The festival is a huge hit amongst the politician, with them hosting Holi parties. Feasts, music, dancing and blasting parties are held all over the city to mark the festival of colours. People hug and greet each other by applying abeer as tilak. And all prior feelings of hatred, if any, are forgotten and a new bond of friendship is forged.

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