Holi Festival in Haryana:

Holi is a festival of vivid colours, a festival where people have unrestricted fun and great fun fare. It is celebrated in all parts of India, but holi assumes an entirely new colour in Haryana and gets its new name, ‘Dulandi Holi’. Like in other parts of India where holi is celebrated with great enthusiasm, there is no end to fun and frolic here too. People apply colours on each other and greet each other, wishing them good wishes of holi.

Bhabhi, the brother’s wife, gets an upper hand on the day of Holi in Haryana. Devars need to watch out, as the sister in laws have social sanction to beat up the devars  and make them pay the price of all the pranks they played on them for the entire year. Bhabhi’s roll up their saris in the form of a rope in a mock rage, and give a good run to their brother-in-law all in the spirit of Holi. In the evening, devars are supposed to bring sweets for their dear bhabhi.

On this day huge bonfires are burnt in many places in Haryana, this is to signify the legend on which the festival of Holi is celebrated. These bonfires basically are considered to be a symbol of demoness holika who get burned trying to kill Prahlad, who is miraculously saved. Thus this festival is a celebration of triumph of good over evil, a celebration of end of evil. There is a huge celebration on the next day of burning bonfires when people colour each other and play freely.

Any hard feeling of animosity is forgotten on the day and a general feeling harmony and happiness is there amongst people. There is a special tradition called as Holi Milan, according to it the people renew their old friendships. It is said that even enemies become friend on this day. This festival truly symbolises the spirit of friendship, and companionship.

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