Holi Festival In India :

Holi is a festival that has been celebrated in India for ages; it is one of the oldest festivals celebrated in India. It is celebrated with grandeur in many parts of the country, and some neighbouring countries too, celebrate it, influenced by Indian culture. Holi in India is all about huge bonfires, colours, lots of singing and dancing, and about enjoying delicious sweets. But there is story behind each and every aspect of Holi that is celebrated here.

Holi is played as a celebration of triumph of good over evil. The bonfires that are burnt symbolize the demoness Holika who get burnt trying to kill Prahlad, while Prahlad comes out of fire unscathed. This event signifies the victory of good over evil, and about wonders that a true devotion can do. Holi is also a celebration of love between Lord Krishna and

Legends of Radha-Krishna

Legends of Radha-Krishna

Radha, and is celebrated with great enthusiasm in some parts of India. These mix of legends and traditions add colour to the festival and make it more fascinating.

Where there is a tradition of burning holikas, and playing with colours in Maharashtra, there is a tradition of taking out idols of RadhaKrishna in palanquin and worshipping it in Bihar.

In barsana, the birth place of Radha, the celebration are somewhat unique, here the men from nandgaon have to hoist a flag on a temple. The women have to prevent the men from doing this by use of sticks, on the next day there is play of colours and lots of fun.

Thus each and every part of India celebrates Holi in their unique ways. Where there are bhajans, devotional songs, being played somewhere, other places had singing and dancing as a celebration. Thus mixing the different traditions and customs the festival of Holi is celebrated with great excitement, vigour and fun. This is one of those festivals which keep the Indian society bounded by love.

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