India is a country of festivals and there are so many different festivals celebrated in different parts of the country. Even some festivals are celebrated with different names in different regions and all the states have their own way to celebrate these festivals. Holi is one of such festivals and celebrated in different ways in different parts of the country.

Holi Festival in Orissa:

Holi is a very famous and important festival of north India. It is a festival of love, fun and colors. In Orissa, Holi is celebrated in similar way to the Holi celebrations in West Bengal with some minor changes. Here, Holi is also named as ‘Dol Purnima’. In West Bengal and many other parts of India, Holi is celebrated in love of Lord Radha and Krishna and people use to pray them on this day. On the other side in Orrisa, this festival is associated with Lord Jagannath. Jagannath is an incarnation of Lord Krishna and a famous temple of Lord Jagannath is situated at Puri.

On this day, people take the idol of Lord Jagannath around the main streets of city. Women use to dance and sing devotional songs and men spray colored water on them.

In evening, milkmen take the idol of Jagannath on their shoulders. Different games like ‘Dandi khela’ are organized and idol is placed on the tent called ‘jhoolan mandap’ in night. Then in the next morning, colored water is applied to the idol and then people used to eat special items like laddos and pethas. Then they play with colors. In evening, idol is given a dip in pond and then placed back in temple.

In evening, Holika is burnt in association with victory of good over evil. So, people enjoy a lot in this festival and if you are planning to visit Orrisa then there will be no other time best then this festive season.

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