Holi is a festival of India and mainly celebrated in Hindu community of India. But today, Indians are located all over the world and taking their culture in all corners of different countries. Pakistan is the neighboring country of India and some Hindus are also residing there. These Hindus also celebrate Holi with full joy and enthusiasm but it is not a grand fashion as you can see in India.

Holi Festival in Karachi Pakistan :

People light the bonfire called Holika and celebrate the conquest of good over evil. This bonfire is associated with the story of Prahlad and Hiranyakashyap. According to the religious story, Holika was the sister of king Hiranyakashyap and tried to kill Prahlad by taking him in fire. But because of blessings of God, Prahlad became safe and Holika died in that fire. This was the victory of good and defeat of evil. So, today also people celebrate this victory in form of bonfire.

People in Pakistan follow the same tradition of Holi as in India. Cleaning of houses is done and people prepare special dishes like papdi, dahi-badas and gujiyas. They all collect together and play colors with each other. They dance and sing and celebrate the festival with full fun. Temples are the main place of gathering and Holi celebrations. You can see so much anxiety about this festival in the cities like Lahore and Sindh which have large Hindu population.

Tourists also participate in this occasion and enjoy a lot. So, it is really pleasing to visit Pakistan at the time of Holi and enjoy with the Hindus residing there.

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    Holi Festival In Pakistan
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